Releasing Trapped Capital & Value for Insurers & Reinsurers

RunOff Re.Solve has a proven track record of delivering innovative and customized solutions so maximum value can be realized from trapped capital in insurance operations.

RunOff Re.Solve specializes in providing solutions for all aspects of discontinued insurance and reinsurance business. Our fully customized services and solutions cover four main areas: finality, acquisition advisory, performance improvement, and arbitration and expert witness.

A Distinction With a Clear Difference

The Rhode Island Insurance Business Transfer process is not the equivalent of the UK’s Part VII Transfer. Why do the critical differences risk undermining the credibility of the IBT   process and how can this be resolved? With no clear regulatory time limit for moving...

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Andrew Rothseid of RunOff Re.Solve LLC explores the diverse and evolving options for legal and financial finality of US legacy risks in the Run Off & Restructuring Yearbook and Directory 2017.  A copy of the article can be accessed...

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