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Selected Publications

  • Key Considerations for Run Off Success – Andrew Rothseid speaks at the Captive Live UK conference, February 2013
  • “Unresolved issues” – Andrew Rothseid introduces the 2012 US legacy business survey in Run Off & Restructuring Magazine, Autumn 2012
  • What Lies Ahead? The Future of Legacy/Run-off Business, AIRROC Matters, Fall 2012
  • YMCA Bermuda Domiciled Captive Reinsurer Concludes Successful Solvent Run Off Announces RunOff Re.Solve, Business Wire, November 2011
  • “The Rhode Island Solution”, AIRROC Matters, Fall 2011
  • “US discontinued insurance business survey 2006: How US run off liabilities are managed”, PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey 2006
  • Monthly article/viewpoint contributions, JTW News, September 2005 to June 2006
  • “The US and Beyond” Run Off Business Magazine, Spring 2006
  • Special Supplement “Closed Books: The Final Chapter”, JTW News, September 2005
  • “Dynamic and demanding flow of capital: What influence will this have on market cycles?”, PricewaterhouseCoopers Americas Insurance Digest, with Joan Lamm Tennant, October 2004
  • “Rhode Island Jurisdiction and Impact on Insurance/Re Insurance Restructuring”, International Corporate Rescue, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2004

Selected Presentations

  • “GTE REinsurance Company Limited Proposed Commutation Plan”, IntAP Autumn Technical Meeting, Cologne, Germany, December 2010
  • “Legacy insurance proceeds for legacy liabilities”, Butterworths International Asbestos Litigation Conference, London, September 2010
  • “Solvent Schemes in the US – Key Points”, HB Litigation Conferences, “Solvent Schemes ? Latest Developments in the UK and US and the Impact on Policyholders and Insurers”, New York City, January 2010
  • “Implications of Principles Based Regulation on Run Off Portfolio Management”, Casualty Actuarial Society, Quebec City, Canada, June 2008
  • “A Game of Chance – Find the Hidden Reinsurance Asset”, Mealey’s Insurance Insolvency and Reinsurance Roundtable, Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2007
  • “Sale versus Liquidation”, INSOL Insurance Technical Day, Capetown, South Africa, March 2007
  • “US Market and Regulatory Issues: An Overview”, 7th Advanced Summit on Insurance Exit Strategies, London, June 2006
  • “Benchmarking and Metrics for Companies in Run off”, National Conference of Insurance Guarantee Funds, Portland, OR, April 2006
  • “How to Insure Against (Or In Favor Of) Bankruptcy – An Insurer-Related Perspective”, Andrews Asbestos Litigation Conference, San Antonio, TX, April 2006
  • “Sell Side Considerations for Discontinued or Run off Business”, Hawksmere Conference, Bermuda, October 2006
  • “How to Wind Up Insurance Companies”, Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Run off Companies, New Jersey, October 2005
  • “Solvent Run off Business: Should US Regulators Support It?”, LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & McCrae Seminar, New York City, July 2005
  • “How To Maximize the Value of an Insolvent or Inactive Insurer or Reinsurer Through Schemes of Arrangement, Run Off/Commutation, Renewal Rights, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Techniques”, Mealey’s Insurance Insolvency and Reinsurance Roundtable, Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2005
  • “Options for Winding Up Insurance Companies”, International Association of Insurance Receivers NAIC Program, Orlando, FL, March 2005
  • Program Co-Chair: “4th International Advance Forum on Run off and Commutation”, March 2005 and “3rd International Advance Forum on Run off and Commutation”, New York City, October 2004
  • “Transitioning from an Ongoing Business to a Solvent Run off”, 3rd International Advance Forum on Run off and Commutation, New York City, October 2004
  • “Reinsurance Collections Workshop”, Hawksmere Conference, Bermuda, October 2004
  • “Insurance Insolvencies”, Mealey’s Reinsurance 101 Conference, Boston, MA, February 2004
  • “The ABC’s of Insolvency: A Panel Discussion On Receiverships and Guaranty Funds”, Mealey’s Fundamentals of Reinsurance and Insolvency Conference, Chicago, IL, October 2003